Champion Industries was founded with the premise that performance equates to results. Through the years, the foundations for continued performance and the subsequent results have been developed through strong leadership, a desire for achievement and a commitment to responsibility. The Company and its predecessors have been headquartered in Huntington, West Virginia since 1922. In 1964, a corporation formed by Mr. Marshall T. Reynolds and Mr. John Harrah, the Harrah & Reynolds Corporation, purchased Chapman Printing Company from Mr. John Chapman. That year marked the beginning of Champion Industries as it exists today. From a small, community based printing company an aggressive, powerful and responsible organization has grown. Acquisition has played an important role in the history of the Company. The ability to better serve our customer base has been enhanced by the synergies brought to the forefront by the personnel operations and direction of additional operations. Aggressive growth has occurred throughout the last four decades enabling the Company to compete on a global level and provide the customer with a total solution in color printing, office supplies, promotional products and office furniture.

Champion's commitment to be a "single source" supplier to the marketplace will continue to be our driving force as we move forward. Our ability to blend emerging technologies with traditional printing processes and services, ensures continued growth, and further enhances our position as a "world class" provider of printing solutions.

The Company has grown throughout the years in a strategic manner. The growth has been planned, deliberate and managed. Acquisitions have allowed the Company to expand their competitive footprint in the marketplace. Additionally, these actions have allowed the Company to capitalize on opportunities to provide outstanding and notable service to their customers, ethical and considerate attention to their communities and fiscal and social responsibility to their shareholders, partners and families.

Over time, Champion Industries, Inc. has taken steps to further the performance of the Company. While an impressive list of companies have joined the Champion family, all of those companies are comprised of people that hold the same values of every Champion team member...a focus on the end result...the customer. As the Company grew, and continues to grow, there should be no question that the values of Champion Industries, Inc. remain the same and will continue to do so in the future.

Precision Printing & Envelope is incorporated by Harrah & Reynolds Corporation in Huntington, West Virginia, marking the start of Champion Industries.
The Chapman Printing Company is purchased by Harrah & Reynolds along with one other local printing operation.
The decade sees the addition of five printing companies located in West Virginia and Kentucky.
The Company diversifies its product offerings by adding office products and furniture.
Mr. Marshall T. Reynolds becomes sole owner of Champion Industries by purchasing the interests owned by Mr. John Harrah.
The Company continues its growth in the printing industry by adding the additional printing companies.
The Company further solidifies its position in the office products and furniture industry by acquiring Stationers, Inc.
Champion becomes a publicly-traded organization by offering common stock on the NASDAQ stock exchange in January of 1993.
The Company makes a bold statement in the Southern United States by acquiring eleven printing companies stretching from North Carolina to Louisiana.
The Company's largest acquisitions to date, Interform Solutions and Consolidated Graphic Communications, have a marked impact on the ability of the company to drive revenues through sales to national accounts.
The Company adds three additional printing operations to the organization with acquisitions in West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland.
Champion's office products and furniture divisions are strengthened by the addition of seven acquisitions in Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Louisiana.
The new millennium begins with continued growth for the Company with the addition of Cincinnati Cordage Paper Company - Huntington Division and the subsequent profits realized that same year from its sale.
The Company's printing divisions grow again with the addition of Transdata Systems, Inc. in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.
The Company implements a B2B e-commerce solution, allowing customers throughout the world to easily place orders, check inventory and order status, review and approve proofs, and track shipments via the internet-all in real time. This investment and growing focus on the technology associated with printing allows customers and the Company increased efficiencies. With a full digital prepress in each location, the Company is able to delegate the needed requirements of any job to those locations best suited for the operation.
The Company acquired all the issued and outstanding capital stock of Syscan Corporation (“Syscan”), a West Virginia corporation.

The acquisition brought additional supply chain management and mailing expertise to the Company and allowed Syscan to offer a broader array of printing services to its existing customer base.
The Company expanded by opening a spin off of our Chapman Printing Charleston print-on-demand and mail operation. This operation now operates as Champion Output Solutions and is focused on offering comprehensive transactional printing and mail center services with initial focus on statement rendering, check and explanation of benefits variable print, medical billing and postal optimization.